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COWI Hong Kong Ltd

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COWI Hong Kong Ltd is part of COWI’s international division called BTM (Bridges Tunnel and Marine) which has over 1400 engineers with a global focus on large design and build projects. We offer a unique service as one of the World’s leading tunnel designers. 

COWI Hong Kong Ltd 為 COWI「橋樑、隧道及海洋工程」跨國部門中的分部。我們的橋樑、隧道及海洋工程部擁有超過1400位工程師專注於世界各地大型「設計及建造」工程項目,並為客戶提供作為世界領導級隧道設計者獨一無二的服務。


COWI Hong Kong Ltd is skilled in accurate and rapid assessment of client and contractor proposals to assess hazards inherent in particular techniques or methods. The resultant risks can be determined in terms of cost, time, safety and environmental aspects. We pride ourselves on developing appropriate, economic mitigation measures for those risks to ensure that the client’s requirements are met.

COWI Hong Kong Ltd 善於準確快捷地為客戶和承建商提供全面的專業意見,包括建造方法、成本和時間控制,評估安全以及環境方面的風險等。我們旨在研發出合適、經濟和令客人滿意的工程方案。我們亦以此自豪。

COWI is recognised by the industry as centres of excellence in tunnelling and geotechnical engineering, with a demonstrable track record and satisfied clients generating much repeat business. We have a positive and proactive attitude to managing the impact of construction works on the environment and believe that this can be significantly influenced at the feasibility and design stage.

業界公認 COWI 為隧道工程和土力工程界的翹楚。從回頭的客戶量足見客戶滿意程度。在可行性評估、設計以及施工階段時,我們都用正面主動的態度去管理和控制工程對環境造成的影響。

Over the past half century, COWI has developed a particular in-house knowledge earning an international reputation as a world leader in tunnelling and is one of very few global companies who have real experience in delivering the designs for whole tunnelling schemes. 

在過去的半個世紀,COWI 憑著豐富經驗和專業知識贏得國際隧道工程領導者的美譽,更是世界上極少數擁有全方位隧道計劃,詳細設計和施工經驗的工程顧問之一。