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Tunnel Remediation

Photo: Donaldson Associates

We are one of the most experienced companies in the UK in providing remedial works design for the rail network.

Tunnel maintenance is vital to the optimal and uninterrupted operation of services provided by existing tunnels: security of water supply, regular rail service, and continuous power generation.

Remedial works

This is rooted in our detailed understanding of the constraints and construction practicalities of this environment. Cowi UK Limited's engineers have vast experience in the inspection and design of remedial works to existing tunnels having designed remedial works for over 50 Victorian brick lined railway tunnels and many unlined railway tunnels in the UK.

Old tunnel linings

We have over a decade of involvement on the Glasgow Subway, one of the oldest metros in the world, whose linings are a mixture of cast in situ, cast iron and brick. 

Rock tunnels

We have inspected many tens of miles of lined and unlined rock tunnels and designed remedial works for all of the major hydroelectric power generating companies in Scotland; Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy and Rio Tinto Alcan.  This has included the design and remedial works of the high-pressure headrace shafts at Cruachan HEP. We have worked on the design for the refurbishment of cable tunnels, sewer tunnels and canal tunnels.

Accumulated knowledge

All of this experience gives us detailed knowledge of historical tunnel structures, the material they were constructed from and how they were built. This allows us to develop cost effective, buildable and safe solutions for refurbishment of any underground structure.

LAST UPDATED: 22.12.2016