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Sprayed Concrete Lining

Photo: Donaldson Associates

We provide a full design service for Sprayed Concrete Lining (SCL) tunnels.

This is based on state of the art numerical modelling, our experience in characterising ground conditions and an acute understanding of construction techniques

Complex designs

Underground rail systems require multiple inter-connecting tunnels and caverns to convey millons of passengers, both on foot and in trains, every week. These networks of foot and running tunnels, crossovers and cross passages, shafts and station tunnels can be more effectively delivered using SCL.

Our huge experience in the development of construction sequence, ground support, settlement prediction and mitigation, world-leading analysis and ground treatment allows us to realise these complicated designs.

Site supervision

Delivery is enabled by our SCL on-site management teams of engineers and superintendents, who understand the ground, communicate the design intent and work as part of the construction team.

This real-time construction supervision, working alongside the contractor, ensures we assess and deploy the right solutions to maximise value for our clients and ensure seamless integration.

LAST UPDATED: 22.12.2016