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Our staff bring a mix of academic level analysis with pragmatic construction understanding to overcome challenges presented by the most difficult sites and complex ground conditions.

With over two decades of experience, COWI UK Limited has developed specific additional skills to offer maximum relevance and service to our renewable clients.

Wind energy

We have produced detailed design for over 1GW of installed wind power capacity, working for contractors and developers since 2003. Our detailed understanding and analytical skills in ground-structure interaction bring great efficiency and durability to piled and gravity wind turbine foundations. We have worked closely with contractor clients to bring innovation and safety while reducing risk.

Access tracks

The experience gained in designing 100s of kilometres of site tracks and access routes in the most challenging mountainous terrain, has allowed us to offer cutting edge advice and conceptual design to inform land agreements, EIA and Planning processes - unlocking seemingly impossible wind turbine delivery routes.

Peat slide assessment and SuDs

Work on some of the first upland sites, has developed our skills in peat assessment and management, in parallel with developing Scottish and English guidance, meeting and exceeding expectations.  SuDs expertise combined with soil and peat stability experience has helped develop highly effective moorland drainage schemes on windfarms during construction, to manage silt and temporary run-off, and in operation to provide low maintenance systems, which are sympathetic to the environment. 


Our skills combined with peerless construction experience to bring major value to windfarm re-planting schemes. Managing risks such as turbine delivery, historic and recent mining, and construction sequence.

Hydroelectric power

Our recent involvement as technical adviser for two new pumped storage schemes, totalling approximately 1.2GW of installed capacity, was founded on two decades of tunnelling advice and design for hydroelectric power schemes.  With an increasing need for renewable energy, we bring our expertise of tunnelling and specialist civil engineering to hydroelectric power schemes of every scale.

The future brings ever greater challenges in cavernisation of utility and power projects. Our engineers and their skills and experience, will help to reduce their risk and impact, while increasing efficiency and buildability.

Expert advice

Using skills in hard rock tunnels and caverns, we have investigated hydro tunnel collapses in several schemes across the world, allowing safe and effective remediation. Working for many of the UK's hydro owners, we have inspected and renovated over 100 of kilometres of tunnels in Scotland alone, extending asset life, increasing hydraulic efficiency and introducing new penstocks and connections.

On smaller hydro schemes, we bring knowledge and experience of civil engineering in sensitive moorland and mountain areas, combined with unrivalled skills in ground stability and tunnelling, to unlock challenging sites with cost effective solutions.

LAST UPDATED: 22.12.2016