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​Masts and Towers

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The advanced mast and tower consultancy services COWI provides also extends to other tall, wind-sensitive and dynamic structures, across a range of sectors and clients worldwide.

At 366m high, COWI designed the tallest guyed mast in the UK, and were part of the design team for the world's tallest flagpole, standing at 170m high.

Advanced knowledge of codes and standards

As Flint & Neill, we led the drafting of EN1993-3 for masts, towers and chimneys (and the UK's national standard, BS8100) and hold the chair of the CEN Working Group to develop EN1993-3.

Due to our understanding of related codes and standards, we are regularly commissioned to re-assess structures for new payloads, often by turning to first principles to maximise utilisation of the structure.

We cover the entire life cycle, not just the design

Constant innovation means that our strengthening schemes are often designed to minimise intervention and deal effectively with all manner of constraints.

Our advanced capabilities include dynamic analysis, computational fluid dynamics, damper design, structural monitoring and data analysis.  These skills are often brought to bear in forensic investigations. Through the development of our own specialist software, we are able to provide an independent alternative to commercial packages.

We retain engineering staff trained to work at height, to survey and inspect tall structures; we also specify, direct and interpret full-scale and wind tunnel tests.

Client base

COWI provides mast and tower consultancy services to a wide range of clients including public and private owners, financial institutions, operators and contractors.  We are equally at ease working as a client's advisor or a contractor's designer.  Our long-standing term commissions (25+ years) with a number of major private owners gives us unique retained knowledge and experience.

Our services extend to due diligence and expert witness appointments.

LAST UPDATED: 04.01.2017