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​Cooling Water Systems

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Cooling water systems offers a less energy intensive alternative to conventional cooling systems and the use of water as a medium for cooling is growing. Cooling water systems are found as part of desalination plants, energy production and various types of manufacturing

Design requires multidisciplinarity

The design of a seawater cooling system is a multidisciplinary task which requires coordination of the hydraulic, coastal, structural and electromechanical aspects.

In addition, the environmental impacts have to be addressed due to the heat load discharged back to the marine or fluvial environment. COWI has accumulated many years experience in this field, and our services cover all aspects of the design.

Typically, the design is prepared in close collaboration with a contractor. Consequently, COWI is used to consider scheduling and constructability issues during the design phase.

Wide range of modelling tools

We have in-house experience in the modelling tools used to support the design process: surge protection analysis packages, hydraulic modelling packages for thermal dispersion and steady-state pipe flow, structural design tools and 3D modelling systems such as PDS, PDMS or SmartPlant.

LAST UPDATED: 10.01.2017