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​​We are experts in the selection and design of foundations to mitigate ground-based risk and have company-wide experience in a number of sectors including buildings, rail, road and onshore wind.

Our experience covers the complete spectrum of ground conditions, from soft organic soils through to hard rock.

Settlement prediction

We have experience of designing shallow foundations, with or without ground treatment, rafts and all kinds of deep foundation. In all cases settlement effects on the structure and surrounding assets are predicted.


What sets us aside from our competitors, is that we can bring our understanding of ensuring buildability and programme to the design at every stage, and a cost effective approach. Often this brings a novel solution to the design or construction. 

In addition to the technical requirements, we take into account certainty, time, and material costs to a project design.

Continuing education

In order to maintain our skills, capabilities and experience, staff regularly write papers, undertake training courses or attend conferences and presentations to keep them abreast of new technology and equipment. We have the capability to conduct sophisticated analysis, including 3D FEA; but we select the most appropriate approach in order to bring value to our clients.

LAST UPDATED: 22.12.2016