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​Independent Design Checks

Photo: Graham Gaunt

​​We have a very long history in the independent checking of major bridges, and have also transferred this expertise to the checking of non-bridge structures.

Our involvement in this form of structure dates back to 1970, when Flint & Neill were engaged to assist the Governments of United Kingdom and Australia, following the failure of a number of major cable stayed bridges worldwide. Our role was to understand the causes of the failures and use this understanding to rebuild the bridges.

Our work on Milford Haven Bridge in South Wales and West Gate Bridge in Australia, led to the development of limit state codes for bridges and the development of the British Standard for bridge design, BS5400. This subsequently led to the development of the Eurocodes. We are used to working on structures that are outside of code provisions and having been the authors of design codes are well aware of their limitations and the need to have a firm grasp of the underlying phyical principles.

We have undertaken many Category III design and assessment checks on bridges, ranging from long span suspension bridges to small single span overpasses. This experience of the complete range of bridge structures enables us to assess each bridge on its merits and to appreciate the peculiarities of each structure.

In the years since, we have worked on major bridge projects all over the world and developed a strong reputation for independent checking across a wide range of structures.

Our non-bridge design checks include among others Wimbledon Court 1 Roof transformation and the Millennium Dome.

LAST UPDATED: 10.01.2017