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Assessment, Strengthening and Refurbishment

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Bridges play a vital role in our transport networks, and when it’s time to upgrade, this must be done economically and with minimal transport disruption.

Whatever your existing bridge needs - COWI can provide you with experts in bridge upgrade works including strengthening, widening, assessment, refurbishment, and component replacement.


Accurate and appropriate assessment of existing and forecast structural and traffic conditions provides the best baseline for enabling economic structural modification works. Our team is able to develop bridge specific assessment load models, specify material testing and has extensive knowledge of UK and international design codes, both current and historical codes used at the time of design. The use of advanced analytical assessment techniques and appropriate departures from standards can unlock “hidden” strength reserves and target intervention to those areas where it is absolutely necessary.


Our engineers have extensive experience of designing and implementing economic and construction friendly strengthening schemes, with minimum disruption to traffic. Our projects include award winning innovative temporary works schemes on major crossings to avoid bridge closures and keep the traffic running during strengthening, repair and refurbishment projects, whilst our “from first principles” approach minimises the extent of strengthening through thorough investigation and optimisation of existing capacity.

Fatigue Management

As steel bridges age, the management of fatigue becomes an increasingly important consideration. Our services include development of management strategies, in-depth investigation and modelling of fatigue-prone details to produce remodelled and more resilient arrangements, determination of “real life” stress ranges for accurate fatigue live assessment, and fatigue life improvement methods.

LAST UPDATED: 10.01.2017