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Pipe-Jacked Tunnel brings Sewer to new Housing Development

​The creation of a new residential development in Didcot (Great Western Park) will provide more than 3,500 homes. These houses, along with associated schools and retail areas will require a new Foul Water Sewer system connection to the existing Didcot Sewage Treatment Works (STW).

Barhale, working for Thames Water, has employed Donaldson Associates as Lead Designer for 7no. shafts for 900m length of 1200mm diameter pipe-jacked tunnel.  Shaft diameters vary between 3.6 and 6.0m and will be sunk by both caisson and underpinning methods.

Working collaboratively with the MEICA Designer, Response Group, the design of a 7.5m diameter pumping station/wet well shaft at Didcot STW along with a valve chamber and rising mains, and 3no. manholes for 250m of open cut 675mm diameter pipeline.

Contractors Responsible Engineer

The drives will include a rail crossing (UTX) and Donaldson Associates will act as Contractor's Responsible Engineer (CRE) for this crossing underneath the busy Great Western Railway Line.

Temporary Works

As well as designing a kiosk base for the electrical equipment and a new pumping station, Donaldson Associates will also be responsible for the design of all temporary works, including:

  • shaft jacking and guide collars
  • thrust walls
  • temporary haul roads & working platforms/crane hardstandings
  • timber headings and formwork

ensuring programme efficiency and safety.

LAST UPDATED: 22.07.2016