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COWI engineer volunteers with Scale Rule

Photo: Scale Rule

The Pavilion is open for business!

COWI Engineer, David Knight, volunteered as a Judge for 'Next Generation Design London' run by Scale Rule, and even helped construct the Pavilion in time for the opening of Clerkenwell Design Week.

​Taking place this week (23-35 May), Clerkenwell Design Week features a project designed by GCSE students…

Scale Rule is a community interest company comprising of engineers, architects and designers who like teaching, designing, building and learning. They contacted nine London schools and invited them to participate in architecture and engineering workshops, focused on experiential learning.

Run over the course of a weekend the GCSE students listened to short talks from professionals about architecture, engineering, sustainability, construction and drawing. In parallel, the students were set a challenging brief to design for a pavilion for the grounds of St James's Church gardens for this year's Clerkenwell Design Week. The brief asked students to think about social interaction and ways of encouraging it in today's tech obsessed world.

Utilising the skills they learnt during the weekend, the students produced conceptual sketches, plans, sections and a 3D physical model to explain their ideas. The culmination of the weekend saw the students present their ideas to a panel of judges, which included COWI's David Knight, as well as Hugh Pearman, Caroline Cole and Sarah Fray, who constructively critiqued the designs and chose a winning design. The team at Scale Rule developed this design for construction.

Students getting ready to present to the judges 

Students getting ready to present to the judges

With the assistance of some volunteer grafters (including David Knight) the Pavilion is complete and open for business! Fortunately, all their hard work won't just disappear once CDW is over – the pavilion will be sticking around for a few months, so go take a look, walk over it and leave a message on one of the ribbons.


Students' model of the winning design - a twin staircase / viewing platform combo


Face-to-face interaction with actual engineers inspires more young people into engineering careers.

We're really happy that David was able to participate in the process, engaging with the students, and who knows – there may be a future COWI engineer among them!

You can watch the Next Generation Design Student Interviews here: https://youtu.be/0OtYPphSFdw

LAST UPDATED: 24.05.2017